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Family Law

At Givhan & Spainhour PSC, our lawyers understand that divorces do not need to be dragged out if both spouses find common ground. With ethics and efficiency, we strive to identify areas of agreement and pursue solutions that are in the best interests of soon-to-be ex-spouses and their children.

Helping You Make Good Decisions

The stakes are high during and following the legal process in family court. The conduct of mothers, fathers and other parties will leave a lasting imprint on children. Whether your family law case involves divorce, parental rights, adoption or paternity, we can help you make decisions in legal matters that are charged with emotional elements.

Mediation is an option to bring both sides together and have an open discussion regarding the end of their marriage. Problems can be worked out by talking them. Children are spared of the ugliness that some trials bring.

Helping Kentucky Residents Secure The Best Outcome

Choosing to litigate instead of mediate costs time and money. While sometimes a necessary step, a trial should be treated as a last resort. Our legal team is composed of skilled trial attorneys with comprehensive experience in divorce and domestic relations. Our attorneys do not shy away from any type of courtroom. In fact, they both boast a number of precedent-setting appellate decisions.

In many ways, a divorce is not over after a divorce, especially if spouses have children. Life goes on for one family that becomes two. Jobs change. Families relocate. The needs of children change as they grow older. Relocation matters are particularly challenging as children run the risk of being uprooted and parents and other relatives are deprived of their presence.

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